Monday, 25 January 2016

Educational Accounts

I have met some pretty inspiring educators throughout my educational and work career but I have to say the one that inspired me the most has been Trista Dutt @kindiekorner. When I walked into her classroom last year in March 2015 for my final practicum, I thought to myself, WOW! She does everything that I have learned throughout all my years of schooling: she follows what is to be best practice and her classroom fosters a collaborative, child-centred, Reggio, play-based, and inquiry-based approach. I worked hard to ensure I learned as much as possible from her because she was such a great mentor and inspiration. At the end of the year we said goodbye to the ECE in her class which was Zoe, another amazing educator! It was at that point that Trista and Zoe had referred me for the position. It was perfect because I was already familiar with the roles, routines, philosophy, and most importantly, the students. In September 2016 I have obtained a one-year LTO position as a Designated Early Childhood Educator within York Region District School Board as Trista's Teaching partner. Ever since I have been inspired to create my educational Instagram as well as this blog. I have always had Pinterest but I added much more to it this year.

To access valuable teaching resources and learning opportunities that I implement with the class each day visit: @educate.invest.inspire

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